Security. Security is a process that involves a good organization, understanding of threats, knowledge about latest vulnerabilities and implementation of appropriate security measures.

Our expertise enables us to approach all perspectives of IT security: human, organizational, procedural and technical. We approach security as an integrated part of business processes, quantify risks considering the specific of each client, we design the control and security measures that are necessary and ensure their effective implementation.

Penetration Testing, Ethical Hacking, SIEM, Vulnerability Scanning, Firewall, IDS, IPS
  • Penetration Testing / Ethical Hacking Security tests assesses if a system can be compromised by malicious individuals. Cybercrime has reached alarming levels, any system exposed to the Internet is a potential target. We use internationally recognized tools and methodologies to perform an accurate assessment of technical vulnerabilities, to evaluate the exposure and we provide detailed recommendations on how to eliminate the risks of unauthorized transactions, disclosure of private information / confidential or denial of service.
  • IT Security Solutions We help companies with vital information systems that are inadequately protected against cyber threats. Our services are not limited to providing equipment or software licenses, we analyze existing architectures, the configurations of operating systems, databases, switches, routers, firewalls and align them with best practices, applying hardening procedures, modifying the rules for network access, defining network perimeters, firewall access rules, etc.. An effective security can not be done without a management system capable to collect activity logs and network traffic. We help our customers to achieve this goal by implementing a security incidents and events management systems (SIEM).
  • Security Risks Analysis Correct understanding and correct evaluation of the impact of threats are needed to determine exposure to specific risks using information system. Risk analysis service identify threats, documents scenarios, establishes a correct plan of action.
  • Security Incidents Forensics Investigating security incidents must be a defined process in companies that depend on data managed in their systems, have software applications running important services, or fall under the information protection laws and regulations. To investigate security incidents is necessary to know the legal framework, to have technical skills to be able to collect, preserve and analyze the digital footprints. Our service is designed to offer the necessary support to businesses affected by cybercrime, launched from outside the organization or caused by their own employees.

Our security services are provided by engineers experienced in operating systems, network devices, firewall systems, intrusion detection (IDS) systems, intrusion prevention (IPS), systems management of security events (SIEM). We also have skills in developing applications in popular programming languages, databases and web technologies.